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Methamphetamine Resources

Crystal Meth is a colonial crisis and its root causes must be addressed Marcia Anderson and Michael Champagne CBC News   We can’t end Canada’s meth crisis until we recognize our larger mental health crisis. Sharon Blady CBC News   Indigenous Harm Reduction = Reducing the Harms of Colonialism Canadian Aboriginal Aids Network   Methamphetamine […]


First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum Framework The FNMWC national framework addresses mental wellness among First Nations in Canada. It identifies ways to enhance service coordination, supports culturally safe delivery of services, and builds upon the HOS Renewal Framework. This continuum is rooted in cultural knowledge and emphasizes First Nations strengths and capacities.

Native Wellness Assessment Instrument Launched in Saskatoon

The announcement of the formation of the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation on June 25, 2015 in Saskatoon coincided with the launch of the Native Wellness Assessment instrument. The Native Wellness Assessment is the first of its kind and is available for use across Canada through the Addictions Management Information System (AMIS). The Native Wellness Assessment instrument […]

NNAPF Has Changed Its Name to the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation

The National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation (NNAPF) has changed its name to the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation! This moves our focus from the narrow term “addictions” to a name more reflective of the continuum of substance use issues and wellness from a holistic perspective. The Thunderbird Partnership Foundation is the result of a merger between NNAPF […]