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These are reflections from those interviewed for the Honouring Our Strengths: Culture as Intervention in Addictions Treatment project about what culture is, what it means to us, and how it is vital to individual and community wellness. These statements can also be found on Twitter with the hashtag #CultureIsStrength.

    Culture is feeling proud about being Native.

    Culture is gaining confidence to participate through learning cultural and ceremonial practices.

    Culture is feeling more positive about one’s own life.

    Culture is fueled by the love of life that Creator gave.

    Culture is relating to the earth as a living being and to creation as my relatives.

    Culture is respecting one’s identity and the uniqueness of other cultures.

    Culture is respecting different cultural practices.

    Culture is balancing emotions and spirit.

    Culture is expressing what is in your heart.

    Culture is expressing Native identity through dress.

    Culture is feeling positive about your identity.

    Culture is connecting with your heart.

    Culture is learning to talk about oneself respectfully.

    Culture is expressing gratitude for being a part of creation’s family.

    Culture is seeing the different ways we can live off the land.

    Culture is feeling good about one’s life.

    Culture is connecting with your spirit.

    Culture is feeling safe and comfortable with family.

    Culture is empowering others.

    Culture is energizing.

    Culture is reaching serenity through traditional practices.

    Culture is knowing that mother earth provides unconditional love every day.

    Culture is respecting the food we receive from mother earth.

    Culture is having pride in one’s community and family.

    Culture is emotionally connecting to the drum.

    Culture is maintaining ceremonial grounds and places.

    Culture is respecting oneself through fashion.

    Culture is connecting youth to their identity and roles.

    Culture is understanding the importance of connecting to the spirit.

    Culture is an integral part of land-based activities.

    Culture is connecting with one’s ancestors.

    Culture is a motivator that helps people reach their full potential.

    Culture is embracing each new day.

    Culture is accepting all creations.

    Culture is taking the initiative to learn what it takes to be healthy.

    Culture is achieving wellness in life.

    Culture is knowing creation provides all the necessities of life.

    Culture is respecting one’s inherent gifts.

    Culture is using one’s Native language to connect to the community.

    Culture is respecting one’s environment through prayer.

    Culture is participating in on-the-land activities.

    Culture is sharing one’s relationship with creation.

    Culture is seeking one’s relationship with creation.

    Culture is an opportunity to participate in cultural and community events.

    Culture is communicating with the Creator.

    Culture is knowing that spirit helps in many ways.

    Culture is knowing one’s identity and what to do in life.

    Culture is language that originates from the Creator.

    Culture is connecting to one’s gifts and purpose through Native identity.

    Culture is learning one’s traditional identity.

    Culture is knowing the community’s creation story.

    Culture is knowing one’s language and Native identity.

    Culture is living life to the fullest.

    Culture is connecting to spiritual and physical well-being.

    Culture is believing there’s a way to make life better.

    Culture is making one’s own life better.

    Culture is respecting one’s holistic well being.

    Culture is learning from one’s lifelong challenges.

    Culture is utilizing the traditional practices to get help when needed.

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