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Accredited Courses

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The accredited training hours can be applied for ICBoC certification or recertification

Title of Accredited Courses Accredited Hours Eng. Fre.
Supporting Collaboration of Western and Indigenous Cultural Practices 7 hours X X
Training For Supervisors, Program Managers and Clinical Supervisors 12 hours X X
Protocols for Indigenous Practitioners 7.5 hours X X
Indicators to access Cultural Competency Along Honouring Our Strengths 9 hours X X
Community Development as a Cultural Practice and Culture-Specific Strategies 8 hours X X
Supporting the Use of Cultural Practices (Natural Medicines) 5 hours X X
Buffalo Riders Early Intervention Program (Training the Trainers) 54 hours X
Buffalo Riders Early Intervention Program (Course for Students) 10 hours

Practitioners from a variety of disciplines and sectors provide substance abuse-related services. Certification is one way to ensure they have and maintain the necessary skills to continue to provide the best and most appropriate services to their clients.

The Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICBOC) was created at the direction of the Association of BC First Nations Treatment Programs to meet and exceed existing competitive standards, as well as to meet the increasing accountability required by the federal government. Certification for First Nations Wellness and Addictions Counsellors’ was considered necessary because of the recognition that special skills and knowledge are needed to work effectively within First Nations communities.