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    TPF Head Office
    22361 Austin Line,
    Bothwell, ON
    N0P 1C0
    Phone: (519) 692-9922
    Toll Free: 1-866-763-4714
    Fax: (519) 692-9977

    Dr. Carol Hopkins
    Executive Director
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    Ext. 301 (preferred)
    Kelly Geris
    Stakeholder Coordinator
    Ext. 318
    Annette Howlett
    Operations Manager
    Ext. 300
    Valerie Peters
    Senior Administrative Assistant
    Ext. 308 (preferred)
    Kate Turner
    Evaluation & CQI Coordinator
    Ext. 303
    Cheryl White
    Finance Manager
    Ext. 314
    Sherry Huff
    Communications Manager
    Ext. 306 (preferred)
    Jordan Davis
    Full Stack Developer
    Ext. 401 (preferred)
    Chris Heffley
    Creative Lead
    Ext. 404
    Kathy Stackelberg
    Writer/Editor & Social Media Coordinator
    Ext. 402
    Karen Stonefish
    Administrative Office Assistant
    Ext. 311
    Training and Education
    Mary Deleary
    Training and Education Manager
    Ext. 304 (preferred)
    Ashley Deacon
    Learning Systems Navigator
    Ext. 302
    Dr. Jessica Ford
    Training Coordinator
    Ext. 307
    Jody-Ann Henry
    Instructional Design & Development Specialist
    Ext. 400
    Natalie Hill
    Ext. 317
    Nancy Peters
    Curriculum/Knowledge Exchange Developer
    Ext. 312
    Fawn Pettifer
    Facilitator Coach/Virtual Navigator
    Ext. 403
    Giuliana Trovato
    Administrative Office Assistant
    Ext. 202
    Dr. Amanda Perri
    Research Manager
    Ext. 201
    Sacha Bragg
    Ext. 315
    Fatima Bukair
    Research Writer / Knowledge Exchange Specialist
    Ext. 205
    Dr. Heba Hassan
    Qualitative Research Analyst
    Ext. 206
    Eric Mack
    Admin / Data Entry Assistant
    Ext. 200
    Dr. Manjit Pabla
    Qualitative Research Analyst
    Ext. 204
    Jennifer Rojas
    Research Specialist
    Ext. 203
    Rachelle Van Asseldonk
    Research Writer / Knowledge Exchange Specialist