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First Care Facilitation training underway in Moncton

The Thunderbird Partnership Foundation’s inaugural Care Facilitation – A Continuum of Care using Culture as Foundation training is off to a great start in Moncton today! Team members Mary Deleary, Nora Bressette, Dawn-Estelle Miskokomon and Sherry Huff are in the Atlantic region today to facilitate the 2 day training. There are 55+ people from across the region registered, thanks to the good work of Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nation Chiefs Secretariat.

This morning, we explored our connection to Creation, how each breath we take is a reminder of that connection – (connecting to each other, the earth, the sun, moon, galaxies and universe.) We also reflected what emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness looks like. The morning also was spent discussing different case studies and how communities/regions can facilitate care, using culture as the foundation.

Check back for more updates. We are also tweeting from the event. Check us out on Twitter using the hashtag: #seethebeing.

Picture of the Care Facilitation conference participants

Enjoying the morning @ Thunderbird’s Care facilitation training session in Moncton, Feb 29, 2016.

Conference participants discuss care facilitation

Discussing how to best facilitate care, taking a strengths-based approach, using culture as foundation.

CF mental postit

What does Mental Wellness look like to you?

Having fun at Care Facilitation.

Thunderbird Facilitator’s Nora Bressette and Mary Deleary enjoying a good laugh with participants during our 1st morning in Moncton.

Dawn Estelle Miskokomon

Thunderbird’s Dawn-Estelle Miskokomon, or D-E for short, walks us through the principles of Case Management.


Laughter is medicine and plays an important role in our wellness!


Sharing thoughts on how to best facilitate care.

Mental Wellness Champions!

Some Mental Wellness champions this morning! 🙂

Emotional Wellness

Sharing emotional wellness reflections at Thunderbird Partnership Foundation’s Care Facilitation training in Moncton.

CF Sherry

Thunderbird’s writer/editor and social media coordinator feeling some mental wellness at this morning’s session in Moncton.

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