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Saulteaux Healing & Wellness Inc. – Traditional Medicine Program – Aubrey Quewezance & Dolly Genaille

Saulteaux Healing & Wellness Inc., provides comprehensive, wholistic addictions treatment program that will assist First Nation people in developing and maintaining a healthy and chemical-free lifestyle. It’s designed to enhance emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being of all people utilizing a Saulteaux based community approach respecting all people’s religious and spiritual beliefs.

A recently completed data research project identified alarming rates of abuse of illicit and prescription drugs and a high rate of members on methadone. These problems have a significant impact on the community and it’s members. Conversations with people affected in this cycle reveals a desire to stop using drugs and move to a healthier lifestyle. How can SHWC be a positive support became the reason to pursue and research alternatives that could positively affect desperately needed change.

SHWC Wholistic Approach to healing has led to cultural camps that are progressively revitalizing the traditional practices around medicine gathering and usage. Elders and others at our Culture camps provide their knowledge, awareness, support, and encouragement while teaching protocols, traditional techniques, medicine identification, handling, preparation, and storage amongst others.  SHWC is now a resource for traditional medicines and knowledge transfer of usage.

Part of the certificate program involves sharing traditional healing ways of our ancestors. The potential is there to learn about the uses, benefits and traditional teachings, while building a connection to the land.  A catalogue of the ever increasing knowledge that is learned through the teachings; how to pick, how to mix, how long to store it, what part of the plant to use and it’s remedies.

This program is definitely an asset to our community.  The Saulteaux Healing & Wellness Centre Inc. offers a Traditional Medicine Program throughout the year and the hands-on medicine plant gathering is provided during the summer months.


Black-eye Susan









Table of labeled medicines



Medicine picking



Abundance of Trees



SHWC Culture Camp 2011






Participants in the Traditional Medicine Workshop



Bear Berries



Garden at Saulteaux Healing & Wellness Centre






Rabbit Root



Culture Camp Fall 2009

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