Protecting the
sacred breath of life

Together, we can create safer communities for all, with harm reduction

Whatever our paths and perspectives are, we can agree – we need to support the right to life for First Nations. We know that living a good life together must include every one of us. Leaving people behind is not what we do, because it’s not who we are.

We all have a
responsibility to protect the sacred breath of life.

Reconnecting to culture is how we thrive.


Judgment, exclusion and inequality are legacies of colonization. But our culture, teachings, medicines and sacred ways come not from that harmful legacy, but from the Creator. Reconnecting to culture is the way we can live, heal, and thrive – with the beliefs that make us who we are:

Acceptance is medicine.

Fire is medicine.

Connecting to the Creator is medicine.

Connecting to the land is medicine.

Rediscovering identity is medicine.

Shelter is medicine.

Kindness is medicine.

Community is medicine.

Harm reduction is medicine.

It’s time to embrace more forms of harm reduction in our communities.

From smoke detectors to seat belts, evidence of successful harm reduction is already all around us. It’s time to embrace more forms of harm reduction in our communities. We need to decide, together, to keep people alive, so that if the resources needed to support a path to recovery are available in the future, people are alive to use them.

As we do the important work of harm reduction, in whatever ways that looks like, we keep loved ones and everyone safer, because a First Nations approach to harm reduction is focused on creating more safety for individuals, families and the entire community.

Explore harm reduction approaches in your community

At Thunderbird Partnership Foundation, we invite you to explore what a First Nations’ approach to harm reduction could look like in your community – built on First Nation culture, values and teachings we already hold sacred.

It’s time to cast aside colonially-centred morality and judgements and recognize what is intrinsic to us, as First Nation people.

Together we can work to protect the sacred breath of life and create safer communities, for all.

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