Thunderbird Partnership Foundation

Community of Practice: Community Wellness Hub

The Thunderbird Partnership Foundation launched a Community Wellness Hub within our
virtual Community of Practice Platform to provide opportunities to demonstrate our resiliency, and examples of best practices as we are faced with the unique challenges presented by the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Community Wellness Hub will:

  • aim to provide access to Thunderbird Partnership Foundation’s specific resources in
    relation to wellness as well as access to additional Indigenous Wellness resources, and lastly to other, non-Indigenous specific resources
  • provide a forum for our valued community workers to support one another as you
    continue to provide services to your community members. As we navigate, these
    challenging times it is important that First Nation Community workers have a forum to share strategies, successes, and challenges in attempting to navigate the current landscape. The Community Wellness Hub provides a space to share strengths and resources through open conversation and dialog that can include reflection on traditional teachings and practices, ways of knowing, ways of being and through your own personal

¨ What resources are you using?
¨ What strategies are you utilizing?
¨ What are you doing to stay heathy and to help others?

The overall purpose of the Community Wellness Hub (CWH) will be guided by the key elements of the Indigenous Wellness Framework: Hope, Belonging, Meaning and Purpose.

If you are a First Nations frontline community wellness worker wish to join the Community Wellness Hub, please email