Community of Practice

The Thunderbird Partnership Foundation Community of Practice (CoP) is a virtual community designed to connect people, enable dialogue, stimulate learning, capture, and share existing knowledge, introduce collaborative process and generate new knowledge. The Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Journeys and CoP Hubs (including the Community Wellness Hub) are housed within the CoP.


Journeys (Train-the-Trainer Journeys) are specifically for persons who have completed a 4-day or 5-day Thunderbird Training course (e.g., Land for Healing TTT and Community Crisis Response TTT). Following completion of a Train-the-Trainer (TTT) training, participants are given an opportunity to be enrolled in a Journey, on the Community of Practice (CoP). As they advance through the Journey to become Thunderbird Certified Trainers, Journeys provide an opportunity for Training Participants to engage in knowledge transfer and problem solving with other Training Participants and the Training and Education Team.

CoP Hubs

In 2020-2021, Thunderbird Partnership Foundation expanded the Community of Practice to include individualized training hubs to provide expanded access to course content resources, continued shared learning opportunities for training participants and added support for the virtual training experience. There are 3 types of CoP Hubs:

Program Facilitator Hubs

Program Facilitator Hubs are specifically for persons who have completed a Thunderbird training course aimed at developing the relevant knowledge and skills needed to facilitate programs for youth and other stakeholders (e.g., Buffalo Riders and Let’s Talk Cannabis). The training curriculums delivered as a part of these training offerings is grounded in Indigenous Knowledge and is informed by, and includes evidence based on mainstream best practices. 

Community Training Hubs

Community Training Hubs are specifically for persons who have completed a 2-day or 3-day Thunderbird Training course (e.g., Care Facilitation, Culture as Foundation, Trauma Informed Approaches, 3-Day Land for Healing, 3 Day-Community Crisis Response, FNMWC Framework and Pharmacology)

Community Wellness Hub (CWH)

The CWH is open to persons currently employed as NNADAP Workers (and In-Patient Treatment Addiction Workers), and persons who work with an Indigenous specific treatment and wellness program. The Hub aims to provide access to Thunderbird Partnership Foundation’s specific resources in relation to wellness as well as access to additional Indigenous Wellness resources, and lastly to other, non-Indigenous specific resources; and provide a forum for our valued community workers to support one another as you continue to provide services to your community members.

For additional information and to request access, please email