History of Thunderbird Partnership Foundation

Thunderbird Partnership Foundation is a leading culturally-centred voice on First Nations’ mental wellness, substance use and addictions in Canada. We support an integrated and wholistic approach to healing and wellness serving First Nations Peoples and various levels of government through research, training and education, policy and partnerships, and communications. Thunderbird strives to support culture-based outcomes of Hope, Belonging, Meaning and Purpose for First Nations individuals, families, and communities. Thunderbird’s mandate is to implement the Honouring Our Strengths: A Renewed Framework to Address Substance Use Issues Among First Nations People in Canada and the First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum.

Thunderbird began its journey in 2000 as the National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation (NNAPF), created after a review of the National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program. Our organization was established to address the need for culturally grounded training resources, relevant research, and advocacy efforts to support First Nations treatment centres and community wellness workers. We officially rebranded as the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation in 2015 when the First Peoples Wellness Circle joined the organization, reflecting an expanded mental wellness focus. Internationally, Thunderbird is a member of the Wharerātā Group, a global network of Indigenous leaders working in mental health and addictions.


Cultivating and empowering relationships that connect us to our cultural strengths and identity within holistic and healthy communities.


The Thunderbird Partnership Foundation is the leading culturally centered voice advocating for collaboration, integrated, and holistic approaches to healing and wellness.


The Thunderbird Partnership Foundation is the national voice advocating for First Nations culturally-based addictions services.