Overqualified and Underfunded

The Paradox of Indigenous Addiction Services

First Nations addiction workers earn nearly 45 percent less than their provincial counterparts, largely due to outdated funding models. This is causing recruitment and retention problems, which in turn is affecting addiction treatment services in First Nation communities. This wage parity situation has been known for many years, studied, reported, and addressed many times but has yet to be resolved.

Understand the Situation

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Take the Next Step!

  • Share information with employees, employers, industry advocates, news media.
  • Connect with your Member of Parliament (MP) to discuss your concerns and request progress.
  • Email a letter to nricciardi@thunderbirdpf.org outlining your concerns and support for addiction worker wage parity. Please be advised your emailed letter may be used to help Thunderbird Partnership Foundation support advocacy work (which may include media).