Culture and Resiliency

Thunderbird’s research has shown us that a connection to culture helps people gain a greater sense of belonging and meaning in their lives.

People benefit from strong relationships through family and community connections, as well as prevention, treatment and harm reduction supports.

Drawing from the strengths of culture also helps service providers support people who need help. Having a sense of connection helps frontline workers have hope and feel more purpose and satisfaction in their work.

The following graphic shows ways people can increase their sense of Hope, Belonging, Meaning, and Purpose through a connection to culture, also known as cultural interventions.

Language is at the centre of cultural interventions because it is the voice of the culture and therefore the true and most expressive means for the transmission of the original way of life and being in the world.

Language is more than just a way of communicating. Language is a sacred gift from the Creator.

Common Cultural Interventions



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