Creating a Safe and Brave Spaces


Connection to Land

Food Sovereignty, Gardening, and Food Programs
  1. Canada | Improving First Nation Nutrition | Food Security Programs
  2. Indigenous Foodways — Nourish Health
  3. Creating space for Indigenous culture through food programs
  4. Beyond the Three Sisters Garden: Indigenous Communities and Public Gardens in Dialogue
Medicine Walks, Harvesting, and/or Foraging
  1. Native Foods Nursery | Buy native plants that you can eat!
  2. 15 Wild Plants You Can Eat • Outdoor Canada
  3. Native Plants for Edible Landscaping
Movement is Medicine

Connection to Land Chapter Resources

Traditional Medicines Health Benefits for Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional Wellness Knowing Your Responsibilities to the Land    

Connection to Self

  Knowing My Response-Abilities The Power of Affirmations Creativity Activities (music, drawing, journaling) Fidgeting and Its Importance Stretching Activity Exploring Our Identities Meditation Healthy Communication and Boundaries Ceremony with Intention  

Connecting to Self – Chapter Resources

How to Create Healthy Boundaries Building Healthy Relationships Sexual Health Resources Water and the Way We Speak to Ourselves 7th Generation Principle    

Connection to Community

Communal Challenge/Repair Activity Sharing Circle Activity Tea Talks for Intergenerational Healing Ceremony with Communal Intention  

Connection to Community Chapter Resources

Lateral Kindness Declaration Fostering Communal Healing Healing Through Story-Telling How Colonization Fractured Our Communities The Impact of the Dismantling of Women’s Traditional Roles Healthy Relationships Creating Healthy Relationships and Partnerships    

Connection to Spirituality

Naming Ceremony Making a Traditional Dwelling Creating Spiritual Items Learning your Creation Story  

Connection to Spirituality – Chapter Resources

Learning About Kinship, Identity, Nationship, and Clanship Indigenous LGBTQ+2S Identities Indigenous Spiritualities The Different Forms of Spirituality    

Life Promotion Toolkit – Resource Chapter

Community Contacts and Resource Sheets   Tools and Templates   Movies/Documentaries/Talks    

Friendship Centre Resources


Life Promotion Videos

Thunderbird Partnership Foundation, Life Promotion: A Strength-Based Approach to Indigenous Wellness Thunderbird Partnership Foundation, How to use the First Nations Wellness Continuum Framework Collateral Damage Project, Life Promotion Photovoice Project Loretta Seshequin, Suicide Prevention 1 “I Choose… to Live” First Nation youth life promotion video Imagination FX, Tseshaht Life Promotion V2 FNHealthCouncil, Life Promotion for All my Relations