What’s in Thunderbird Wellness?

This app helps promote First Nations wellness with a better understanding about the use of opioids, methamphetamines, cannabis and other substances.

This app has been created with the belief that our wellness is tied to one’s connection to Creation, language, land and ancestry, all supported by a caring family and environment (Elder Jim Dumont) and Thunderbird acknowledges and thanks our Indigenous Knowledge sources.


Thunderbird Wellness offers evidence-based research with a strength-based approach, upholding the spirit of resiliency through cultural supports. The app offers ways to grow your wellness through a connection to culture. It also provides information to address stigma and develop a harm reduction approach when supporting someone using substances in a harmful way.

You are invited to share your thoughts and experiences by participating in surveys to promote better understanding of substance use, which can lead to improved resources for prevention and treatment.

Service Providers

Thunderbird Partnership Foundation has developed several tools that help treatment centres and other facilities keep track of information, share data, and offer culturally appropriate treatment.  Click here

Practical ways to address stigma can support wellness and connection in First Nation communities. Knowing the clinical effects of using substances can help people reduce the risk of harm, and better understand how to help relatives and families. We can all achieve wellness in a way that is meaningful.

Note: The following three Key Wellness Resources are the main sources of information for the Thunderbird Wellness App:

1)National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation. (2015). First Nations mental wellness continuum framework. Retrieved from: https://thunderbirdpf.org/fnmwc-full

2)National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation. (2011). Honouring our strengths: a renewed framework to address substance use issues among First Nations People in Canada. Retrieved from: https://thunderbirdpf.org/hos-full

3)National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation. (2015). Indigenous wellness framework. Retrieved from: https://www.thunderbirdpf.org/IWF

See our full list of references here


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